Selections at Sursock

Le Petit Soldat de Smyrne- Sursock XXVI (70 x100 cm)


This is my first selection and my lucky charm that started my career as a painter.

The small boy disguised as a Greek Evzonaki soldier is inspired from an actual photo dated 1905 from the city of Smyrna in historic Armenia, on a background of a Medieval Armenian Miniature.

Danseuses du Sultan – Sursock XXX (200 x 80 cm) triptych



This is a fantasy composition of three Oriental dancers performing for an imaginary Ottoman Sultan, on a background inspired from an Ottoman carpet.

Presentation before a funeral- Sursock XXXI (180 x 240 cm) triptych





This is inspired from a rare 1910 picture taken in the village of Sebastia in historic Armenia.It was a tradition to call upon a photographer to take a picture of the dead person with his family and village friends before the funeral.On a background of angels inspired from Medieval Armenian Miniatures.This painting is now part of the Permanent Collection of the Armenian Art Museum at the Armenian Patriarchate in Antelias/Lebanon.

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