Beirut : Wrote, directed and acted in many plays, mainly:

  • HIKAYAT KHARABIA WA MALIKAHA UBU” (Ubu Roi): Freely inspired from Alfred Jarry’s play.
  • GUETSE ARKAN”(Long Live The King: in Armenian): an open-air dance/pantomime fantasia inspired from the history of the Armenian people, with 60 actors/dancers.
  • HAYAT WA ALAM CHAFICA AL-OBTIA” (Life and Passion of Chafica the Copt): an avant-garde political play


New York : Worked with La MaMa Experimental Theater and one season at The Public Theater.



Beirut : Wrote, directed and acted in many plays, mainly:

  • SAFRAT AL-AHLAM” (The Dream Journey) : a musical.
  • SAKHRET TANIOS” : Drama (a free adaptation of Amin Maalouf’s Goncourt Prize winner novel: “Le Rocher de Tanios”) for the inauguration of Masrah Al-Madina.
  • AH ! YA GHADANFAR” A farce, (freely inspired from the Armenian tale “Katch Nazar”).
  • “KALILA WA DIMNA” A children’s play, (freely adapted from Al-Moukaffaa’s famous book).
  • GHADAT AL-CAMILIA” : A musical, (freely inspired from Dumas’ “La Dame aux Camelias”)
  • AMANI HAWLA AL-AALAM” Dance-Theater : (Amani around the world) for the Amanidance company at the Caesar’s Palace, Lebanon)
  • AYYAM WA LAYALI” Dance-Theater : (Amani’s Days and Nights) for the Amanidance company at the Caesar’s Palace, Lebanon.
  • KHATIFEH”: A modern comedy with the students of The Actors School at Kafa’atUniversity, at Masrah Al-Madina, (freely inspired from “The Fantasticks !”).
  • AL SAMIRIYYA”: A musical play, inspired by the meeting of Jesus Christ with theSamaritan Woman, at the Kaslik University Theater.
  • A TRIBUTE TO SABAH” A song and Dance musical show for the Opening of Beiteddine Summer Festival 2011, starring Rwayda Attieh.

Currently working on new creations, written and to be directed:

  • AL-AMIR AL-MAJNOUN” (The Mad Prince): A monodrama (freely inspired from Hamlet)
  • AOUDAT AL-NASEK “ (Return of the Hermit): Inspired by the history of Lebanon.

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